W&TS – Wear & Tear Solutions – is a small, independent organization, specialised in consultancy and the solving of wear & tear problems that arise in many technical processes, in various fields of industry such as general machine engineering and the maritime industry.

Analysis of the problem

W&TS helps you to solve your wear & tear problems, no matter what industry you are in. Each situation requires its own approach, and W&TS is good at determining the right one, thinking objectively and innovatively in co-operation with you.

Because we have many years of experience and expertise, you get the attention and facilities that you may expect from a specialist. All important aspects are included: people, environment and methods. The result of this approach and expertise is a total package: from well-considered technical advice up to and including product supply In the field of new-building, maintenance, repair & refurbishment, development and product and process improvement.
In short: a better output against lower costs.

Advice regarding the problem

W&TS also takes care of the measuring, engineering and elaboration of your products, to obtain the maximum improvement of them. When necessary, we can call upon a number of excellent engineering agencies, therefore: no job is too tough for us: whether it’s near by or even (very) far from home! W&TS is a sister company of Matecs BV, a trading company/construction & engineering factory from Roosendaal. This collaboration ensures that W&TS can have its own ideas developed and produced, to be able to provide you with a prototype or even a complete, tested product.

Downtime becomes quality time!