How W&TS works

This is how W & TS works:

1. Analysis of the problem:

The current situation is carefully studied and mapped out. Why is there a problem? What alternatives are there? What do experts elsewhere say about it? What solutions have already been proposed and why did or didn’t these work well?

2. Advice regarding the problem:

What is the best possible solution? Does it lie in the construction, in the materials or in the process? Often, the solution is found in the application of in a combination of (successful) techniques from the past, using the new, advanced materials of today.

3. Testing – Prototypes and/or Pilot project:

If you want a prototype can be made, or a pilot project can be started. In all situations, W&TS can take care of this, support it and monitor it.

4. Implementation:

Time for the actual work! After overall agreement of the steps that need to be taken, these are summarized in a technical report with which you can get started. W&TS can continue to guide and advise you, for example in the procurement of the required products, materials or components. Under the supervision of W&TS, these are then expertly and efficiently assembled and implemented in your technical process. High priority is of course the reduction of downtime.

5. Service:

Due to the close cooperation and the involvement in the preceding process, the service of W&TS follows almost automatically. Within the set agreements, you see, the work is not finished as long as the process is not running optimally. If desired, W&TS continue to follow the project for you for a certain time. Of course you can turn to us afterwards for further questions or help.

All disciplines are available within W&TS: from coming up with ideas to concrete delivery of the solution. You can thus walk through the process within one company.
Convenient for you!

Downtime wordt quality time!

When you are dealing with delays in your projects as a result of wear, with all its consequences (inefficient hours, too much downtime, high costs), then W&TS can help. You may even especially want your technical troubleshooting done by an outside expert. W & TS is flexible and experienced; it may be that your wheel has already been re-invented by us.