Synthetic applications

In addition to the specific know-how of metal applications, the knowledge of polyurethane (PU) applications is a great specialty of W&TS, particularly in the dredging, maritime and offshore industry. These industries are characterized by working with extreme forces. Because of its specific features PU is therefore increasingly applied.

The material has:

  • wear resistance;
  • high tear and tensile strength;
  • high elasticity;
  • resistance to hydrolysis;
  • good bonding to metals;
  • chemical resistance;
  • low specific weight.

In the aforementioned industries there are products to be found, which – due to the extreme conditions in which they are used – are extremely suited to be made of PU.

Together with its production partner, Herikon B.V. from Almelo, W&TS is well-equipped to provide its customers with the right, tailor-made advice. W&TS has had many years of collaboration and experience with this production-partner: from the very first developments of products made of PU until now. This ensures that W&TS is able to advise you about the right kind of PU (TDI, MDI and NDI) for any application.

Some product examples:

  • wearing blocks and strips;

  • bending restrains on oil platforms;

  • diabolos, rolls and cylinders;

  • towing cables for electrofishing.

Through a close collaboration with leading partners in the dredging industry, products such as jet nozzles, nozzle caps, wearing blocks, bearing blocks, closing flaps and dredge valve seals find their way across the entire world. Whether dredging in the Arctic Ocean, somewhere in the Middle or Far East or in the Dutch rivers: in this typical Dutch industry, the application of polyurethane at every location has proved its quality.